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How to Tell if a Loved One Has a Gambling Addiction

Leah Harper507 views

Gambling addictions can be crippling and often ruin people’s lives. It’s important that you understand the signs to look for, so you know what is involved in the process of addiction. You have to keep an eye out so you can identify if a friend or family member is suffering an addiction to gambling. It’s important that you know how to see the signs so you can work on helping them recover. These are a few of the things you need to look out for.

Money Going Missing

One of the surefire way to tell that a loved one is a gambling addict is that money is going missing. People gamble away money, and then they need more money when they try to “win it back.” When people get desperate, they won’t always think about the things they’re doing or who they are hurting. This can often result in them taking money without asking for it, or using money from your joint savings to fund their gambling addiction. If money has gone missing and they have accessed your account, you should probably fear the worst.


Many times, people who suffer from addictions can become more and more irritable. This is often exacerbated by the fact that things sometimes don’t go their way. If they have lost a lot of money, they can become very anxious and irritable, especially as they want to undo their mistake. Also, the way addiction works is that if they haven’t had their fix for the day. People can get gambling withdrawal symptoms, and these can make them more irritable and angry, so keep an eye out for this.

Spending Hours Online

If you have a loved one spending longer than usual online, you probably have a good idea of what they’re getting up to! No, not that! Online gambling is so accessible these days, and there are so many different devices people can use for online gambling. If people are spending a lot of time online, more than usual, this is a good indicator that they might well have a gambling addiction. This is something you will need to treat with care and make sure you look out for.


When someone has a gambling addiction, they will likely have spent a lot of money. Money they probably couldn’t afford, but, the problem is that they don’t want to admit they have a problem. So they will do anything in their power to stop people from finding out about what they’ve done. This will mean a lot of well-constructed lies, and some not so well constructed. Once you spot these, you’re going to know that something is not right.