Gambling Addiction Helplines and Charities In The USA

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Having a gambling addiction is becoming more and more of a common thing all over the globe. Because it makes no physical damage to a person, it is not often treated as a serious addiction- but it is an addiction none the less, and one that can isolate an individual. However, there are several people you can contact. Across the USA, there are number of charities and helplines that will offer support to help people through this tough time.

California Council on Problem Gambling (

This is a not for profit group that helps not only gambling addicts, but their families too. They do this through education, research, promoting awareness of the dangers of gambling and the chance of addiction and by offering treatments. They not only provide direct aid to people who need help, but also offer people the opportunity to gain qualifications and certificates so that they might learn to help people with addictions and volunteer for the group. Furthermore, they provide schools, work places and conventions etc. with distributable leaflets and pamphlets full of information. They are a totally volunteer led group, with no state funding.

National Problem Gambling Helpline

This is a number (1-800-522-4700) that can be called by those who suffer from gambling addiction or those who are living with/know someone who they believe needs help. This is more than just one number though- it is a number that goes through to 28 different call centres, as there is an entire support system network available 24/7. If you don’t feel comfortable making the phone call, there is also a texting service and a live chat service for online use available too.
There is also a number of helplines you can call- most are 24/7 but the one’s who are not tend to have a live chat alternative instead! There is at least one in every city.

Gambler’s Anonymous

┬áIf you’re looking for the more orthodox route to beating an addiction, there are still therapy groups that meet in person where you can meet other people who are also suffering from a gambling addiction. An example of one of these groups is Gambler’s Anonymous. The group is free for all, with no fee’s whatsoever. The group also has a direct helpline if you wish to speak to somebody straight away.

USA Military Gambling Help

If you’re in the army, or the person you believe to have an addiction is, there is even a group dedicated to military individuals- USA Military Gambling Help. They have a website as well as a live advice helpline, although this is not available 24/7.
There is no shortage of helplines across the US, and there is always someone ready to offer you advice and help you with what you’re going through.

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