Gambling Addiction Helplines and Charities in Australia

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There are times when gambling can become more of a problem than a fun distraction, and at these times the best thing to do is to try and find help to get you through it and come out with the ability to still be able to play poker or have a go on slot machines without it being an issue. In Australia there are a number of national organisations and remote helplines (over the phone or internet) on standby, waiting to help those in need, or those who aren’t sure whether or not they need help. Though much help can be found online, there are many Australia-specific bodies  with local representation, which can be useful in providing a direct line to positive progress.

Gambling Help Online

A wealth of services awaits anyone who drops into this website because they think they might need help, or because they’re concerned about someone close to them. The website is structured so as to encourage you to directly identify why you’re there in the first place, and direct you to online platforms, physical meetings or helplines, wherever you are in Australia. Acknowledging the link between gambling problems and financial precariousness, they also offer financial support and coaching to overcome the worst of these issues.

Gamblers Anonymous

There’s no greater way to acknowledge and accept that you have a gambling problem than to talk about it with people who are going through or have gone through similar experiences, and who get together on a weekly basis to help each other through whatever issues each one is having. The size of the country of Australia and its wide spread across mainland and satellite islands makes it difficult to have meetings in every town, but there are state entities that coordinate meetings in many populated spots around the country, so that wherever you are you’re never too far from a meeting.

Amity Community Services

For those based in the Northern Territories, this community service provides tips and community meetings to manage your gambling habit and avoid falling into some of the most common traps that many gamblers are susceptible to. There is even a direct email address which guarantees a return email to any request for information or advice. There is also a useful questionnaire resource which helps you to assess how serious the issues you’re facing are, and take appropriate action. One of the options they present you with is to complete a self-exclusions form from several major gambling institutions, so that you agree with them that you are banned from entering their premises.


This is a resource-based platform which contains lots of information on how to diagnose and deal with a number of gambling-related problems, with links to relevant helplines around the country. The website itself has a wealth of texts to guide you in understanding what you’re going through, without having to take that big step of talking to someone about it or meeting someone face-to-face immediately.

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