Gambling Addiction Helplines and Charities Around the World

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A gambling addiction should always be treated as seriously as any other kind of addiction- unfortunately this is not always the case. However, nobody has to suffer with this problem alone and there are several charities and helplines all over the world that can provide help and support.


Down Under, there are a huge amount of helplines, some that are available 24/7, others that aren’t but offer an email service or live chat service as an alternative to a phone call. Examples include:

  • Australia’s Gamblers Anonymous-
  • Gambling Impact Society Inc-
  • gspot- Australia-

New Zealand

In New Zealand, casinos and gambling are not a big part of every day life or a part of the culture, and so there isn’t as many resources as you might find in places such as the US or England. However, there is still a few to choose from, with two being the examples below:
  • New Zealand Problem Gambling Helpline-
  • Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand-

South Africa

South Africa is home to one of the most majestic casino’s, so yes, it is fair to say that there are a lot of gamblers here and that it is immersed in their culture and is something children will have grown up knowing about. There is a wider variety of gambling addiction helplines available compared to “quieter” countries like New Zealand, and a small sample of these are listed below:
  • National Resonsible Gambling Program-
  • Problem Gambling Help SA-
  • Responsible Gambling with the National Gambling Board-


With countries such as China and Japan under it’s belt, yes, the vast majority of gambling addicts do come from Asia- yet they try to conceal the problem. This is never healthy as it makes addicts feel ashamed about themselves and this can be self destructive. There aren’t many helplines and charities available but here is a small sample;
  • Kaya Rehab Problem Gambling-
  • Gambling Addiction Treatment-


Spain’s culture is all about sex, money, food and enjoying life…gambling certainly comes in there somewhere. If you find you’ve reached the point where you are no longer playing responsibly, make sure to seek out help from one of these available charities:
  • Costa Rehab-
  • Serenity House-
  • Camino Reovery-


Another country to home a popular casino, gambling isn’t foreign to the French- but sadly, neither is gambling addiction. You can seek help and begin your road to recovery in the following places:
  • Adictel-
  • Addiction Helper-
So, as you can see, a gambling addiction can affect anyone at any time from anywhere. There really is no shortage of help, and this is just a small, small portion of websites that have links to live chats, text services and phone numbers where you can receive all of the help you need. These helplines and charities aren’t just for individuals suffering with a gambling addiction either- they’re also there to assist those who live with and/or love someone who is suffering with a gambling addiction too.