Help for people with gambling addictions – and their families

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Gambling Addiction Helplines and Charities in the UK

There may come a time when you think you might be spending a little too much time in casinos, or your gambling is getting in the way of other aspects of your life, and the most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone! You can get help, advice, other people’s perspectives and a general listening ear, from several charities and helplines, which make a job of being available and understanding. There’s absolutely no shame in getting in touch with some of these organisations, even if it may just be to see what you can do to avoid potential trouble in the future.


GamCare is a leader in the gambling support field, and they understand everything about what happens when you go through a tough time around your gambling habit. You can talk to people, web chat, or carry out self-diagnosis tests if you’re not ready to talk to someone about it yet. As a registered charity, their main reason to exist is to provide a helping platform to people around the UK who need help and support, and they train a network of national counsellors who provide personalised, non-judgmental support. Their most well known service is the National Gambling helpline, which is available by phone or by SMS as a free service.

Gamble Aware

This UK charity serves as a signposting service, directing visitors to the most relevant service or organisation, and funding research and programs to promote responsible gambling. They recognise that there’s no reason that gambling should become a problem, and it should remain an innocent and fun activity that everyone can enjoy whilst making informed decisions about how they use their money and spend their time.

Gamblers Anonymous

The last thing many people want to do when trying to steer clear of a potential gambling problem is get advice from somebody who’s never been affected by the same issues. This is where Gamblers Anonymous comes in, uniting like-minded gamblers who discuss their own issues. Meetings are open to everyone, no membership or registration is required, as the groups function on the values of openness and acceptance. With no strings attached or obligations, this is an easy way to come face-to-face with people who may be going through exactly the same things as you.


It is often the case that where there is a person with a gambling problem, there is a family or a loved one who is also affected by what’s going on. They might also want support, or guidance on how to best help their loved one or relative. GamAnon meetings are held at the same time as Gamblers Anonymous meetings but in a separate room, so that members of each group can be open and freely discuss their issues they want to bring up.

Gordon Moody Association

If you really think that face-to-face help is the best way for you to overcome what you’re going through, then this British charity runs residential programmes in the West Midlands and also in the Kent area, which run for 12 weeks and work with each resident to adopt new habits and drop the old ones which may be having a harmful effect on aspects of their lives.

Gambling Addiction Helplines and Charities in Australia

There are times when gambling can become more of a problem than a fun distraction, and at these times the best thing to do is to try and find help to get you through it and come out with the ability to still be able to play poker or have a go on slot machines without it being an issue. In Australia there are a number of national organisations and remote helplines (over the phone or internet) on standby, waiting to help those in need, or those who aren’t sure whether or not they need help. Though much help can be found online, there are many Australia-specific bodies  with local representation, which can be useful in providing a direct line to positive progress.

Gambling Help Online

A wealth of services awaits anyone who drops into this website because they think they might need help, or because they’re concerned about someone close to them. The website is structured so as to encourage you to directly identify why you’re there in the first place, and direct you to online platforms, physical meetings or helplines, wherever you are in Australia. Acknowledging the link between gambling problems and financial precariousness, they also offer financial support and coaching to overcome the worst of these issues.

Gamblers Anonymous

There’s no greater way to acknowledge and accept that you have a gambling problem than to talk about it with people who are going through or have gone through similar experiences, and who get together on a weekly basis to help each other through whatever issues each one is having. The size of the country of Australia and its wide spread across mainland and satellite islands makes it difficult to have meetings in every town, but there are state entities that coordinate meetings in many populated spots around the country, so that wherever you are you’re never too far from a meeting.

Amity Community Services

For those based in the Northern Territories, this community service provides tips and community meetings to manage your gambling habit and avoid falling into some of the most common traps that many gamblers are susceptible to. There is even a direct email address which guarantees a return email to any request for information or advice. There is also a useful questionnaire resource which helps you to assess how serious the issues you’re facing are, and take appropriate action. One of the options they present you with is to complete a self-exclusions form from several major gambling institutions, so that you agree with them that you are banned from entering their premises.


This is a resource-based platform which contains lots of information on how to diagnose and deal with a number of gambling-related problems, with links to relevant helplines around the country. The website itself has a wealth of texts to guide you in understanding what you’re going through, without having to take that big step of talking to someone about it or meeting someone face-to-face immediately.

Gambling Addiction Helplines and Charities In The USA

Having a gambling addiction is becoming more and more of a common thing all over the globe. Because it makes no physical damage to a person, it is not often treated as a serious addiction- but it is an addiction none the less, and one that can isolate an individual. However, there are several people you can contact. Across the USA, there are number of charities and helplines that will offer support to help people through this tough time.

California Council on Problem Gambling (

This is a not for profit group that helps not only gambling addicts, but their families too. They do this through education, research, promoting awareness of the dangers of gambling and the chance of addiction and by offering treatments. They not only provide direct aid to people who need help, but also offer people the opportunity to gain qualifications and certificates so that they might learn to help people with addictions and volunteer for the group. Furthermore, they provide schools, work places and conventions etc. with distributable leaflets and pamphlets full of information. They are a totally volunteer led group, with no state funding.

National Problem Gambling Helpline

This is a number (1-800-522-4700) that can be called by those who suffer from gambling addiction or those who are living with/know someone who they believe needs help. This is more than just one number though- it is a number that goes through to 28 different call centres, as there is an entire support system network available 24/7. If you don’t feel comfortable making the phone call, there is also a texting service and a live chat service for online use available too.
There is also a number of helplines you can call- most are 24/7 but the one’s who are not tend to have a live chat alternative instead! There is at least one in every city.

Gambler’s Anonymous

 If you’re looking for the more orthodox route to beating an addiction, there are still therapy groups that meet in person where you can meet other people who are also suffering from a gambling addiction. An example of one of these groups is Gambler’s Anonymous. The group is free for all, with no fee’s whatsoever. The group also has a direct helpline if you wish to speak to somebody straight away.

USA Military Gambling Help

If you’re in the army, or the person you believe to have an addiction is, there is even a group dedicated to military individuals- USA Military Gambling Help. They have a website as well as a live advice helpline, although this is not available 24/7.
There is no shortage of helplines across the US, and there is always someone ready to offer you advice and help you with what you’re going through.

Gambling Addiction Helplines and Charities Around the World

A gambling addiction should always be treated as seriously as any other kind of addiction- unfortunately this is not always the case. However, nobody has to suffer with this problem alone and there are several charities and helplines all over the world that can provide help and support.


Down Under, there are a huge amount of helplines, some that are available 24/7, others that aren’t but offer an email service or live chat service as an alternative to a phone call. Examples include:

  • Australia’s Gamblers Anonymous-
  • Gambling Impact Society Inc-
  • gspot- Australia-

New Zealand

In New Zealand, casinos and gambling are not a big part of every day life or a part of the culture, and so there isn’t as many resources as you might find in places such as the US or England. However, there is still a few to choose from, with two being the examples below:
  • New Zealand Problem Gambling Helpline-
  • Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand-

South Africa

South Africa is home to one of the most majestic casino’s, so yes, it is fair to say that there are a lot of gamblers here and that it is immersed in their culture and is something children will have grown up knowing about. There is a wider variety of gambling addiction helplines available compared to “quieter” countries like New Zealand, and a small sample of these are listed below:
  • National Resonsible Gambling Program-
  • Problem Gambling Help SA-
  • Responsible Gambling with the National Gambling Board-


With countries such as China and Japan under it’s belt, yes, the vast majority of gambling addicts do come from Asia- yet they try to conceal the problem. This is never healthy as it makes addicts feel ashamed about themselves and this can be self destructive. There aren’t many helplines and charities available but here is a small sample;
  • Kaya Rehab Problem Gambling-
  • Gambling Addiction Treatment-


Spain’s culture is all about sex, money, food and enjoying life…gambling certainly comes in there somewhere. If you find you’ve reached the point where you are no longer playing responsibly, make sure to seek out help from one of these available charities:
  • Costa Rehab-
  • Serenity House-
  • Camino Reovery-


Another country to home a popular casino, gambling isn’t foreign to the French- but sadly, neither is gambling addiction. You can seek help and begin your road to recovery in the following places:
  • Adictel-
  • Addiction Helper-
So, as you can see, a gambling addiction can affect anyone at any time from anywhere. There really is no shortage of help, and this is just a small, small portion of websites that have links to live chats, text services and phone numbers where you can receive all of the help you need. These helplines and charities aren’t just for individuals suffering with a gambling addiction either- they’re also there to assist those who live with and/or love someone who is suffering with a gambling addiction too.